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We spend more than one third of our lives at our job, and one thing's for sure: work's just not working anymore. In a recent study, 70% of those surveyed said they were unhappy with their jobs, with many citing poor company culture fit as the reason why. With job-hopping a common theme, employees counting down the minutes until the weekend, and new graduates daunted and overwhelmed by the idea of job searching, something has to change.

One Degree, a new online career network, is taking the first crucial step in revolutionizing the way the world thinks of networking and career search. To change the flawed system, we are encouraging you to do the unthinkable and throw away your resume. Why? Because resumes as we know it aren't cutting it anymore.

While the rest of the world has evolved at unthinkable speed, the resume and job search framework has stayed the same for over a decade. Starting now, it's time to make change happen. Although it's proven that culture fit is key to overall happiness and tenure at a job, it's often ignored. To pioneer change, One Degree is bringing culture to the forefront. Unlike any other job site, One Degree uses a unique and specialized algorithm to match your profile to companies and connections based on work culture preferences, lifestyle, and skill sets outside of those found on your resume.

Join the One Degree revolution. Don't settle for less. Be part of the change. Take the first step and throw away your resume.



You can create a profile, claim your cultural and workplace desires, and showcase your soft skills. Share your profiles with companies you apply to and articulate what you need and what you have to offer.

In the Future:

We'll be providing the ability to define what experiences coincide with your skills to prove what you've got. Companies will be able to search candidates by defining exactly what cultural tendencies and skills they need in their environment.


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